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  • Excellent safety kit
  • Interior, paint quality
  • Timeless, clean designs


  • Spares and service costs
  • Inconsistent dealer experience
  • Frequent facelifts



Known for its well built products, VW offers multiple engine & Transmission options. The driveability and overall quality lead to a premium owernship experience only to be bogged down by sub par after sales service.


VW is the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world. VW has a manufacturing facility at Chakan near Pune in Maharashatra. VW Jetta and VW Polo were its initial products to be on sale in India. Considering the fact that VW is trying to project itself as a premium brand in India, the pricing of all its products is on higher side vis-à-vis competition. Sales numbers are limited due to this, but VW has craved out a nice for itself by offering very good built and quality. VW also has brought its fantastic dual clutch transmission even in small car segment. VW later launched Vento after Polo and Jetta, and met with good success. Development of Vento was done with Indian market demand in mind. Even with updated products from competition, Vento managed smart sales figures. Jetta has moved up the value ladder and is now even more premium offering than before. Fantastic stabiltity, good handling and nice ride brings Jetta into a class of its own. The diesel engines from VW are quite fuel efficient and also last quite long, which adds value to long term ownership satisfaction. VW current product range is limited and also includes imported models. The high quality standard also mean that setting up correct supply chain has been difficult for VW in Indian operations. Although the products on offer are still quite competitive, the market dynamics are changing pretty fast. VW needs an expanding line up and fresher models. VW, to its credit, regularly makes improvements and provides timely facelifts on its models. The turbo charged petrol engine is a technological excellence which VW has also brought into Polo and Vento along with dual clutch automatic gearbox. VW does offer high quality products which do justify the premium pricing. VW shares its Chakan Facility with Skoda, Skoda being owned by VW was the first brand of VW to hit Indian Shores.