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  • Infinite interior options
  • Epitome of snob value
  • Unbeatable comfort


  • CBU Pricing
  • Familier looking line up
  • Handling could still be better



A Royal ride cannot get any better than Rolls-Royce. Comfort is unparalled, so is the luxury experience. Owned by BMW, the agility has gone up considering the size and berth of cars.


Rolls Royce is arguably the Ultimate luxury brand and the value it commands is that of a Royal Presence. Founded in 1906 at Manchester, England, Rolls Royce is seen as an epitome of luxury and Royalty. Unknown to most, Rolls Royce armoured cars were made during war years. In 1931, Rolls Royce took over Bentley, which is now owned by VW group. Phantom, Silver Ghost, Wraith, Silver Wraith are famous models which helped Rolls Royce build its significance and stamp its ultimate authority in ultra luxurious car market. Ownership of Rolls Royce landed in hands of BMW in 2003 where as Bentley was taken over by VW group. Since the ownership of BMW, Phantom extended wheelbase, Phantom two door coupe, Phantom Convertible, Ghost and Ghost two door coupe were launched. In all products, be it 4-door or 2-door, the ”Suicide-doors” have returned keeping in mind the old car charm and appeal. The purchase price of Rolls is extremely high, but it gives an exclusivity, presence and note of arrival like no other.