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  • Best handling machines
  • Sports models are practical for daily use
  • Thrilling Performance


  • CBU pricing
  • Firm ride
  • Optional features are insanely pricey.



The best handling cars make driving a Porche an involving experience. Long list of expensive add ons, but the drive experience and badge value make up for it. Surprisingly, their Sports cars are useable as a daily ride and the SUVs are quite practical.


Porsche dates back to pre-WW II era, established in 1931 in Stuttgart, Germany by Ferdinand Porsche. Porsche is currently owned by VW group. Unknown to many, Ferdinand Porsche is the one who designed the first VW Bettle upon behest from then Germany’s leader, Adolf Hitler. As a leader, Adolf Hitler wanted a car that would put Germany on wheels, and VW Bettle just did that. Porsche has seen significant racing success. The most popular model from Porsche’s stable is the 911. In 1963 the 911 was initially displayed to public as 901, Peugeot objected as the nomenclature was too similar to its own. So Porsche renamed it as 911. 911 since then went on to become a global brand with massive fan following. VW since long has had a very strong relationship, thanks to Bettle. On one hand, Porsche family owns majority of shares in VW, and VW also owns Porsche. The year 1996 saw the launch of Boxter, a sports car which many say is one of the best handling sports car ever. In 2002, Porsche unveiled Cayenne, an SUV which earned reputation to be sports car amongst SUV’s. In 2006, Porsche launched Carrera GT which was the most expensive Porsche till the recent launch of Porsche 918. Carrera GT was known for its very sharp characteristics which rewarded those who took it around the track like a professional. In 2009, Porsche launched Panamera, a 4-door sports sedan and in 2014 a SUV smaller than Cayenne, the Macan was introduced. Porsche India was founded in 2004, headquartered at Mumbai. After getting response that was signifncantly better than expected, Porsche appointed VW India as an importer of Porsche cars. The Indian line up includes Boxter , 918 spyder, 911, Cayman, Panamera, Macan and Cayenne. Most of Porshce India’s sales are from Cayenne.