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  • Robust built
  • Experience in Utility Vehicle manufacturing
  • Model designs have broader appeal now


  • Transmissions can be bettered
  • Handling, fit & finish needs improvement
  • After Sales & Service can improve



Mahindra, a home grown manufacturer has changed value proposition in UV segment. Keeping up with changing time, Mahinda sure knows to develop new products and remains a formidable brand in SUV and UV market.


M&M started its full fledged operations after India Independence. Quite effectively, Mahindra established itself as a Rural Ruler. Its initial offerings were based on Willy’s Jeep, USA, while its core business focused on Agricultural market. Currently, Mahindra is one of the largest tractor manufacturer in the world. Mahindra’s initial offerings were mainly for rural market and the urban market, mainstream car buyers were not finding the product range good enough. However, niche products like Mahindra Classic made a name for itself as a proper, tough, go anywhere vehicle. Fan following which Mahindra Classic earned is something many other manufacturers could only dream for. Its first product targeting urban car buyer was Mahindra Armada. Armada met with initial success, but could not sustain after launch of Tata Sumo. Armada Grand soon followed, but with little success. However, these were the steps which helped Mahindra gauge Indian car buyers needs. Real breakthrough was with Scorpio, the first brand new SUV from Mahindra based on a new platform. Powered by a 2.6 diesel, Scorpio met with good success and currently Scorpio in its second generation manages to sell handsomely. Scorpio was the product Mahindra was banking upon for urban market, and hence Scorpio did receive quite a few updated, both cosmetically and also on engine front coupled with suspension improvements. The initial 2.6 diesel was replaced by a newly developed 2.2 ltr. Diesel engine which gave Scorpio further edge compared to its primary competition. For a brief spell, Scorpio was offered with automatic gearbox also. Xylo, soon followed, but again met with moderate success. Sequentially, the urban leader for Mahindra was Bolero, which still sells quite well. Rugged, simple and very practical, Bolero is best selling SUV in India even today. Mahindra never ceased to amaze, and its first car on new platform after Scorpio was XUV500 launched in 2011. The automotive world was bewildered in a very pleasant way. Mahindra in a very resilent way took feedback of Scorpio and improved upon it in every possible way. Mahindra has a joint venture with Renault which resulted into Mahindra Verito (and then Mahindra developed Verito Vibe), but success has eluded Vertio and the joint venture is now history. Mahindra is well known to provide well tuned engines and offer rugged underpinnings. Quick to react, Mahindra is backed by an excellent R&D center that helps Mahindra accomodate the changing market needs. This has ensured that Mahindra has established itself quite well and is almost benchmark when it comes to UV’s. The recent launches of TUV300 and KUV100 proves once again that a home grown manufacturer has moved ahead to compete on global scale while delivery excellent value. Mahindra has internationally acquired over Ssangyong, a South Korean Car Manufacturer and also recently took over world renowned Pininfarina design house. Mahindra has also acquired 51% shares of Peugeot Two Wheeler divison.