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  • Game changer in small car segment
  • Fuss free After Sales Service
  • Interior quality, overall refinement


  • Inconsistent pre-sales experience
  • Ride and Handling could be better
  • Needs better Automatic Transmissions



Always keeping their products updated, Hyundai is trend setter for treating India as good as developed markets. Fresh designs and interior quality are not afar from benchmarks.


Hyundai, an entrant that tapped the excitement of Indian buyers and went onto become a rock-solid second largest car manufacturer in India. Started its innings with Hyundai Santro, and made a strong competitor against market leader, Maruti Suzuki. Hyundai’s first factory in India was built grounds up in record breaking time. Santro was actually the first car to start the tall hatchback trend in India. Maruti Suzuki followed the suit when sales of its compact car, Zen, were under pressure from Santro, and launched Wagon R. But it was Hyundai first. Not all Hyundai’s managed success, and its initial days were quite deciding on Hyundai’s brand image in Indian buyer’s perception. Hyundai is right now a global giant with wide scope of operations.After Santro, the mid size Accent was a run away success thanks to its practical nature over out and out performance or sportiness. There was never looking back for Hyundai later on. Getz and the recent Eon are the only two small cars that have not met with success for Hyundai. The interior quality, fit, finish and value proposition Hyundai offered made ripples among its competitors and also other global brands. Hyundai should also be credited for updating their products from time to time, and the feature list they offer is long and smart. This prompted other to follow the suit, the ultimate benefactor being the consumer. Hyundai, thanks to the way it built its image, is not able to get success in premium segment. This stands true, more so, in global markets too. Known to have very aggressive ad campaigns, Hyundai was was not liked by many, but it had made its own place by then.Hyundai’s Indian dealer and service network is next only to market leader, Maruti Suzuki. The products have wide range of engine options and have made a niche for themselves thanks to low noise cabin, strong diesel and practical, user friendly nature of its products. Hyundai is definitely a very respected brand cover a wide price bracket and offering pleasant ownership experience.