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  • Quattro All Wheel Drive system
  • Uncluttered design
  • Elegant interior design


  • Families looks across all the models
  • Newer models look less sporty
  • Spares availibility



The designs still have youthful touch to it, the diesel range is strong and Quattro driveline makes for a memorable driving experince. Spares across all models are slightly one expensive side.


Audi is owned by VW, and is a part of its luxury Brand. Dating back to early 1900’s and was later on acquired by VW from Daimler-Benz in 1960’s. Renowned for its technological innovations, Audi quickly became famous after rally wins. Quattaro drive system and Aluminum Space-Frame technology won critical acclaim and Audi never looked back. Audi started its official Indian innings in 2007, and was once known as a car which Ravi Shastri owned ( rather Won! ). Audi’s manufacturing facility is located near Aurangabad, Maharashtra.Audi was once known as a balance of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, its chief competitors. But recent years have proved that like the other two German marques, Audi is also in a league of its own. Audi’s mass market products use powerplants from VW, but higher up in the range, Audi has its own range of motors and works closely with Lamborghini which is owned by Audi. Currently, Audi is the leader in Indian Luxury car sales and products range from Q3 SUV to A8 L luxo barge. The SUV in particular helped Audi gather momentum and widen space among rivals, the quattaro driveline helping in the process. The presence of sports cars like TT and R8 help Audi’s image in India. Audi currently leads the race for highest sales in luxury segment, closely followed by arch-rival Mercedes-Benz. Audi’s is also the first manufacturer to use Laser lights on production models and on a similar note, was the first manufacturer to aggressively implement LED day time running lights and LED Headlamps. Audi is one of the few manufacturers to use supercharger along with turbocharger. Audi is also the only manufacturer to have V12 diesel engine in its range. Audi's current range in India includes A3, A4, S5, A6, A8 L, Q3, Q5, Q7 RS 5 Coupe, RS 6 Avant, RS 7, TT and R8 models. RS-Series cars are sportier and powerful versions of regular production cars that Audi manufactures.